Medicine tracker, 4 segments pil stickers


These round, quartered stickers are perfect or tracking medicine intake or any other thing you need to track four times a day/week/month/year.

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These round-shaped trackers are divided into four different parts. That makes them convenient for medicine tracking as was the original intention of this design. Just color a part in when you have taken the medicine. But a lot of people said they found other uses for them as well. Tracking anthoing that needs to happen four times a day of weak or even month! Some people used them for tracking kids homework assignments (no homework on Fridays), for food logging (3 meals an a snack) or for tracking each bottle of 500ml water you had (more of a glass of water kind of person? got you covered here).

You’ll receive one sheet of stickers as pictured on the photos. they are printed on pen friendly mat paper so you can easily color them in, or write on them. Whatever you please.



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