About me

Hi! *waves*

I’m Kim and I’m a stationery- and planner-addict… (say it with me ‘ Hi Kim’).
Besides working for the shop I’m currently a full-time psychology student (university). I chose this study because I’m fascinated by human behavior.

I’ve always had an fascination for paper crafting and planners. This passion made it possible for me to connect with people all over the world in our lovely planner- and craft communities. I noticed that people were looking for the products I had or made. People asked me to make something specific for them, like planner sleeves or pencil cases, and paid me for it. Wow! People were paying me and with that money I could buy more stationary! (You remembered the addict part right?)

The requests kept coming and to make sure everything runned smoothly I opened an Etsy store to help me keep track of things. Now it was time to move beyond Etsy and here I am. A stationary-addict with a stand-alone webshop!

Fun facts

Some fun facts (yes, you may use them to convince anyone that you’re not a craft supplies hoarder and that ‘there are people who have way more!’ )
– The last time I counted my rolls of washi tape I stopped counting at 300+ and I wasn’t there yet…
– I own almost every ‘planner hype’ pen in all the colors they made at that moment.
– I have a planner of almost every ‘normal’ size, of most I own more than one… and I keep adding to them.
– There is no such thing as to ‘many sticky notes’.
– The amount of stickers I own (my own designs excluded..) is ridiculous even by my own measurement.


So and that’s it I guess, if you have any questions left please let me know, I’m happy to answer them.
I’m also available for convincing anyone you indeed need that roll of washi and why its so totally different for the ones you already own. Just plop a note in the contact section or email me at info@plannerladies.com

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